Aboriginal Financial Officers Association’s National Conference

Global Governance Group’s Rodney Nelson to give a conference workshop “The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Leaders” at the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association’s National Conference

Rodney Nelson from the Global Governance group will be facilitating the AFOA’s pre-conference workshop called “The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Leaders”. The two day workshop will be held on┬áMonday, February 11 and Tuesday, February 12, 2013 before the conference.

Important: If you would like to attend a workshop, you must register and pay for this separately to the conference. Click here to download a copy of the flyer and registration form (PDF format).

2-Day Workshops – Monday, February 11 and Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Leaders
This two day workshop was designed specifically for elected Aboriginal political leaders and focuses on the vital role that ethics plays in their daily lives and the importance of ethical leadership in an Aboriginal setting. The workshop examines rights, responsibilities and ethics, how they interact, and how each influences how Aboriginal elected leaders carry out their day to day jobs. It looks at common situations faced in elected positions where ethical issues are at stake, examines critical questions leaders must ask when wanting to make an ethical decision and outlines the essentials for creating an ethical work environment.

Performance Measurement and Reporting in First Nations
This workshop tackles the issue of performance reporting in First Nations. The focus is on reporting on performance to community members. The workshop explores core principles of performance reporting in First Nation environments and draws the link to financial reporting. Participants will be introduced to the Aboriginal Performance Wheel. Issues examined include: the appropriate level and frequency of reporting; identifying the important aspects of performance; identifying the kinds of information to be reported; and, preparing reports on goals.

Developing an Effective Management Action Plan for First Nations
In April 2011 Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) revised its Intervention Policy to create a new Default Prevention and Management Policy and developed new tools to support this Policy including the Management Action Plan (MAP) which replaces the Remedial Management Plan (RMP). A Management Action Plan (MAP) is a comprehensive planning initiative to help First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations tackle underlying causes of defaults in funding agreements. This workshop reviews the new Policy for Default Prevention and Management, the Directive on Default Management, examines the MAP Process, and the evolution from RMP to MAP. It also provides a General Planning Guide based on a strategic planning process. Many workshop participants attend this workshop, not only because they may be required to develop a Management Action Plan or are in a form of intervention, but also to broaden their management skills and learn how to avoid intervention.

Values and Ethics in the Aboriginal Workplace
This 2 day workshop will provide participants with a broad understanding of creating and maintaining good values and ethics within the Aboriginal workplace. The workshop covers the following areas: business ethics; how ethics relate to Aboriginal traditions; fundamentals of human resource management; how to develop a code of ethics for your organization; how the issue of ethics impacts governance and accountability; and all aspects of community and economic development activities.

NEW** Effective Planning, Creation and Implementation of Your Trust
More and more Aboriginal communities are creating Trusts as a result of the increasing number of specific claim settlements, impact and economic benefit agreements and other resources sharing opportunities. The resulting increase in wealth accumulation is placing tremendous responsibility upon leadership and management staff to create effective Trust structures. This workshop is designed to raise awareness and understanding amongst Community Officials about the following topics: how to plan a Trust; increased community readiness; understanding the complexities in creating a Trust; ways to create the most appropriate Trust structure for your needs; key areas in implementing a Trust; and suitable investment strategies that meet the needs of the Trust today and for future generations.

1 Day Workshops – Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Demystifying Finance for Elected Leaders
Understanding financial information is one of the key challenges facing elected officials in Aboriginal communities. Elected officials are an important element of the financial governance of any Nation because they provide necessary financial oversight. They must understand and interpret financial reports and information to make key decisions with significant impact on their communities. The workshop focuses on 1) building financial literacy and 2) developing financial capacity.

NEW** Human Resources Management Essentials: Module 1 – Professional Practice
AFOA Canada has developed a series of four one day modules focusing on Human Resources Management Essentials for those working in Aboriginal organizations. Module 1 provides an overview of the professional practice of Human Resources Management which contributes to the success of the organization. The workshop covers the following topics: working in Aboriginal environments; developing an environment that fosters effective working relationships; ethical practices; managing human resources contractors and specialists; managing client relationships; legal and legislative requirements relevant to human resources functions; and governance and compliance with legal requirements.

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